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St Mary Magdalene St Bartholomew † St Alban


Sunday 6th June 2010


Last week, St Bart’s was the victim of a graffiti artist.

Actually, if it had been an artist, we might have felt better about what happened. Someone daubed offensive words on the outside

of the building, underneath the statue of the family and beside the cross.

We were sad at the lack of respect for the building, and for the symbols of our faith, but took it in our stride. Plans were made for

the caretaker to remove the paint after the bank holiday.

And, indeed, it was all cleaned off. But not by Bill, our caretaker. Someone – perhaps a user of the centre, perhaps a kind neighbor, perhaps Newham Council’s street-cleaning team – came along, without being asked, and promptly and carefully restored the brickwork to normal.

Whoever it was, we are very grateful, not just for the cleaning

but for the unprompted kindness. How good it is to know that one person’s instinct to spoil and damage was balanced and cancelled by another’s instinct to restore and make good what had been damaged

– and to do this without acknowledgement or reward.

So, thank you, our anonymous friend – may you in turn find friends as good.


Please remember in your prayers:

Sylvia, Les Page, Allen Lloyd-White, Clarice, Gwen, Annie,

Ruth Nkonde, Vicky Schiff, Harriett, David Morris & Renulka.

PARISH PRAYER ROTA This week we pray for:

Community Groups: East Ham AA Group; Al Anon Family Group; Narcotics Anonymous; Newham Community Counselling; Nu Life Day Centre; Patiko Baker’s Fort Project; Newham Historical Society.

Readings for 6th June 2010

Galatians 1: 11-24 Luke 7: 11-17

Readings for 13th June 2010

2 Samuel 11: 26-12:10,13-15 Galatians 2: 15-21 Luke 7: 36-8:3

St Bart’s Communion Hymns: 349, 226, 772, 354

St Mary’s Birthdays HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ingrid Nsongon

At St Mary’s we particularly pray for Renulka who is in hospital

and we think of Edward her husband and son Sebastian

The flowers in St Mary’s are in memory of Dick Masters.

During the service this morning at St Mary’s there will be

a short blessing for 40years of marriage.

TODAY our monthly Bible Study takes place at St Mary’s at 4.30pm followed at 6.00pm by a quiet service for Sunday evening.

Do join us for either or both of these.

Congratulations to Inta & Anthony and Akeem & Claudia

who were married at St Bart’s last week.

Next Saturday at St Mary’s Carla & Laja and Lisa & James will be married. Please keep both couples in your prayers

as they prepare for their special day.

St Bart’s DCC Away Day. If you haven’t already done so, please let Jane know whether you will be coming to the Away Day on 12 June.

Flowers at St Bart’s If you would like to contribute towards the cost of flowers in the Church or to have flowers in memory of a special person or to mark a special time please contact the Parish Office

ST MARY’S. The new rotas are now ready.

Please pick up from the back of church.


Frances will be ordained Priest on 27th June.

We would like to give her a present from the Parish to mark the momentous occasion. If you would like to contribute to the gift please contact one of the wardens at St Mary’s or St Bart’s

Frances will preside at the eucharist for the first time on Sunday 4 July, at a joint service at 10 am at St Bart’s, followed by a shred lunch

to celebrate this great occasion. Please put the date in your diaries!

The Textile Design Project. All are welcome to be part of our Textile Design Project. An excellent way to spend your leisure time. Embroidery, Fabric Painting and much more. No skills or experience required. FREE. Venue: The Kitchen Table Cafe @ St Bart’s. Every Tuesday 10.00am – 12.00noon For more details contact

Celia: 020 8471 2656 or Netra: 07514813989

FOR SALE Good condition rise & recline mobility chair. Terracotta in colour. £95. Please contact the Parish Office if interested.

ST BART’S PIANO: the grand piano at St Bart’s is in urgent need of repair after a long period of neglect, and some damage. The cost of the work and of a proper cover for the piano will be about £1,200. We know that the congregation greatly value our music, and we hope that at least some of the cost of the repairs will be raised by donations. If you would like to give towards this work, please speak to one of the churchwardens – Andrew, Liz or Ajith.

SOAP, TOOTHPASTE, LOO ROLLS, washing powder, towels

– all things that are much needed by 308(formerly the Turnaround hostel) working with those who have been homeless. Could you add one of these (or any toiletry items) to your shopping list – and drop it into the ‘Gifts for 308’ grey bin at the back of St Bart’s. Thank you!


Please sign up on the list at the back of our churches if you would like to come. Costs £10 for adults, £4 under 16’s.

The coach will leave St Mary’s at 8.30am and Newham College at 8.45am (PLEASE NOTE EARLIER START TIME)

Lunch club Monday 14th June 12.30 £5 for a 3 course meal

after lunch Safer Transport Officers will be giving a presentation about personal safety on the buses. Book with Anne in the cafe

Strawberry Tea Saturday 26th June 3-5pm

in the Rectory Garden – weather permitting.

All Welcome.


If you have any ideas for conversation events, community nights

or anything else that we could do please come along to our

Kitchen Cabinet Thursday afternoons at 2.30pm.

Everyone welcome.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 020 8586 7979.

STUBBERS ‘10 June 25th-27th 2010

If you are aged between 8 and 16 then please join us at Stubbers Adventure Centre in Upminster for our 10th annual residential weekend. This is a fantastic weekend where you will could be doing raft building, tunnelling, quad-biking, high-ropes, jet-ski.

Parents, rest-assured that the children are very safe and supervised by adults every moment of the weekend.

The cost to you is £45 (less than half-price).

Application forms are available in the parish office,

by e-mail from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or

from John Marshall at St Bart’s.

If you want to go YOU MUST APPLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If you want more info call John on 8470 0145.


are said every week day in our churches and you are very welcome to join us: Monday morning prayers at St Bart’s; Tuesday morning prayers at St Mary’s;

Wednesday Said Eucharist at St Alban’s;Thursday morning prayers at St Bart’s;

Friday morning prayers at St Mary’s. All at 9.00am


St Alban’s - Wednesday 9.00am :

St Mary’s - Wednesday 6.30pm :

St Bart’s - Thursday 12.30pm

The Parish office is open Monday – Friday 9.30am – 3.30pm

Telephone 020 8470 0011 email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Registered Charity No: 1127847

St Mary Magdalene St Bartholomew † St Alban


Sunday 6th June 2010