9th March 2014 Newsletter

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logo-eastham02.jpgSt Mary Magdalene        

St Bartholomew †      

St Alban                                                                                     


Sunday 9th  March 2014


Lent 2014 and the Parish of East Ham


This is the first Sunday of Lent and an opportunity to prepare for the great festival of Easter.

Traditionally, Lent’s 40 days was a time of great austerity; people didn’t eat meat or sugar and they went to Church several times a week, if not every day. More recently, people were taught to give up things like chocolate and alcohol and to give the money thus not spent to charitable causes.


I think that, while it’s probably true that people learn from the difficulties they encounter (?giving up chocolate a difficulty? – definitely!), many of the folk that I know have enough obstacles in their lives and so would benefit - and might learn more about God - from a bit of pampering!  


We have an opportunity to spoil ourselves while we learn more about faith in action from our East Ham Lent course – the details are inside this sheet – and, as we enjoy the discussion and the new things we learn, I suspect that we will be pleased

to realise how much we already, as a parish and as individuals, exhibit the Five Marks of Mission …….but there’s always room for improvement!


So do please treat yourself this Lent; come to Church as often

as you are able and then, if you can, join with other church members (and bring along a friend) for our Lent course so that, together, we can make ourselves ready for the event that turned the whole world upside down.


his week’s Lent Programme Theme:

                                   To Proclaim the good news of the kingdom


10.00am St Bart’s Quintin is Celebrant & Preacher

10.00am St Mary’s Rob is Celebrant and Damian is speaker


Wednesday 12th March  2.00pm Pilgrim’s Way:

                                                  Five Marks of Mission lent Course 

                                     6.30pm Mass at St Mary’s followed by

                                     7.15pm St Mary’s Church Hall:

                                                 Five Marks of Mission lent Course 

                 Quintin leads our first session.


Thursday 13th March 12.30pm Lunchtime Eucharist

                                                       and Lent  conversation...continuing the theme.

In Our Prayers
Our Mission: +Stephen and +David our bishops, our clergy and our mission to

East Ham; Health & Exercise: St Bart’s Surgery; Slimming World; Weightwatchers; Karate; Wing Chung Kung Fu; Smovey; Zumba

The sick and suffering: Les Page, Clarice, Jean Skelton, Martin & Yvonne Gammon, Alice Singh,  John & Victoria,

Those who have died:   Basil Jordan & Stanley Vernell

                                     May they rest in peace & rise in glory.

Readings for 9th March 2014

Genesis 2: 15-17,3:1-7         Romans 5: 12-19          Matthew 4: 1-11

Readings for 16th  March 2014

Genesis 12: 1-4          Romans 4: 1-5, 13-17          John 3:1-17

St Mary’s Birthday’s           HAPPY BIRTHDAY to

Folarin Laditan & Mary Richards

The funeral of Daphne Gibson’s partner Basil will take place at St Mary’s

on Thursday 13th March at 12.15pm. Please keep Daphne in your prayers.

In the new Lent books we are using at St Mary’s are some intercessions but these won’t necessarily be used everytime by the person leading the prayers.

A new rota is being compiled at St Mary’s – please sign up on the forms at the back of church - there are also forms for those interested in Confirmation.

It was great to see so many of you at the coffee morning

 at the Rectory yesterday. Thank you.

Parish Book Club Meets TOMORROW at 2pm and is for members of both St Mary's and St Bart's - ie the WHOLE parish. The meetings usually last an hour. We will be looking at some of the poems from the Andrew Motion collection LOVE IN A LIFE

Electoral Roll forms are available at the back of both Churches

 for those who haven’t signed up. Please take one and fill in

as the APCM is coming up soon.

Pilgrimage to Bradwell Pauline Ellis from St Paul's and myself are eager to experience the Bradwell Pilgrimage again this year.  Saturday 12th July. http://bradwellpilgrimage.webs.com/ In the distant past, a couple of coaches went from Newham every year and joined up with hundreds of others from various denominations across Essex and East London.  We thought we'd experiment this year by trying to fill a coach from the churches in East Ham.It seems the likely cost will be around £10.  Please let me know if you are interested or want more info. And watch out for more publicity at St Bart’s.     Shirley Biro


Do you have a song in your heart or dancing feet…. music in your fingers or a tale on your tongue?  The talent scouts are out now looking for performers to join the line-up for the 10th Annual Parish Concert for Christian Aid. Date: Saturday 10 May 2014 Time: 3.00  Venue: St Bartholomew’s Church. If you’d like to join

in please talk to Alison at St Mary’s or Geraldine at St Bart’s.

(PS: tone deaf but talented in the kitchen? – all contributions towards refreshments gratefully received!)

There will be a meeting at St Mary’s for all couples getting married

in the Parish on Saturday 22nd March at 11.00am.

SCHOOL VISITS        There are various schools visiting

 our churches over the next few weeks.

Hartley Primary will be visiting St Bart’s on 11th & 12th March.

Vicarage Primary are visiting St Mary’s on 18th & 19th March

North Beckton Primary are visiting St Mary’s on 20th March.

Altmore Infants are visiting St Mary’s on 1st & 3rd April.

We welcome Debbie Cornelius-Powell who starts work tomorrow

on a part-time basis as a Lettings Coordinator for the Parish.

Morning Prayer   Morning Prayer is said at Bart’s on Mondays, Wednesday & Thursdays at 9am and at St Mary’s on Tuesdays & Fridays also at 9am.


We have a very good response from applicants for this year’s Confirmation candidacy.

We are now happy to invite all potential candidates to attend a preliminary information sharing meeting  on Sunday 16th March 2014 in the Luke Room (St Barts)  after the 10:00 Parish Eucharist from 11:30 – 11:50

We wish to discuss the following:

1. Confirmation Register

2. The nature, length and content of the Confirmation Preparation Course

3. The various possibilities open to our Parish for the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation.



These start at St Mary’s after the service today in the Parish Room.

On The Way Taster Sessions 2014

On the Way is a course designed to help Newham Christians grow in faith and confidence, and move on with God.

(24 free sessions, one night a week for two terms, January to July)

The course will run again in 2015, but this year we are offering free taster sessions for those who would like to find out more:  1st Session Tuesday 25th March 7.30 – 9pm  Theme: Creative Bible Study – The Last Supper Led by Rev. Christopher Owens

Where?  Emmanuel Church, Romford Road, Forest Gate, E7 8BD

(Corner of Romford Road and Upton Lane)

Forms are available at the back of both Churches if you are interested in going along.



We once again have a variety of speakers talking about their life & faith.


                                LENT2  16th March   St Mary’s Louise Simmons

                                                                 St Bart’s   John King

                                LENT3  23rd March   St Mary’s  Mary Richards

                                                                  St Bart’s  Jimmy Dale 

                                LENT4  30th March   St Mary’s  Derek James

                                                                  St Bart’s   Fr Rob

              PASSION SUNDAY  6th April    St Mary’s Andrew Biro

                                                                 St Bart’s   Fr Fred

Midweek Services    St Mary’s 6.30pm Wednesday and St Bart’s 1230 Thursday.

The Parish Office is open Monday – Friday 9.30am – 3.30pm

   Telephone 020 8470 0011        email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

  Website:  www.easthamparish.org.uk         twitter @easthamteam. 

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