16th February 2014 Newsletter

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Sunday 16th February 2014


Noah and the flood.


            I don’t know about you as the rain has continually lashed down over the past month and the pictures on the television have come in from the flooded Thames Valley and Somerset. My mind has turned to Noah and his ark!

            There is no doubt a few arks might be useful right now in Somerset and Berkshire.  But also because as the writers of the book of Genesis saw floods as the consequence of the people turning away from God. Only Noah who pleased God would survive. Now there would be a new covenant between Noah and God. 

            God says in Genesis 6.17-18: ‘For my part, I am going to bring a flood of waters on the earth, to destroy from under heaven all flesh in which is breath of life; everything that is on the earth shall die. But I shall establish my covenant with Noah and you shall come into my ark…’

            Today, we may not see the floods in that light. Yet there is a realisation, perhaps all too late, that climate change and all that we doing to the earth’s atmosphere is having an effect. The effect seems to be more violent and unpredictable weather systems and the speeding up of jet stream.   

            This flooding may not be seen as God’s retribution for our abuse of the planet. Yet there is now little doubt that our actions over the past hundred years are having an effect on the planet and its weather.    

            So once the clear up has finished, these storms hopefully will force us to look again at our continued abuse of the planets resources. The story of Noah was a wake up call to his generation. The people were told to turn back to God and care for God’s creation. These storms hopefully will have the same effect on us today as we seek to limit the effects of climate change and to care for the planet, its people and animals.                                                         Quintin


St Bart's: Fred is Celebrant & Rob is Preacher

St Mary Magdalene: Ann is Celebrant & Quintin is Preacher


In Our Prayers
Our Mission: +Stephen and +David our bishops, our clergy and our mission to

East Ham; Older People: Golden Oldies; Genesis Housing Association – residents and staff; Lunch Club; Friday Games.

The sick and suffering: Les Page, Clarice, Jean Skelton, Martin & Yvonne Gammon, Alice Singh, Basil Jordan, John & Victoria,

Those who have died:   Adrian Griffith  & Jill Kaye.

                                     May they rest in peace & rise in glory.

Readings for 16th  February 2014

Deuteronomy 30: 15-end     1 Corinthians 3: 1-9        Matthew 5: 21-27

Readings for 23rd February 2014

Genesis 1:1 – 2:3        Romans 8: 18-25        Matthew 6: 25-end

St Mary’s Birthdays             HAPPY BIRTHDAY to   Pat Davis,

Ashley Charles Smith, Elizabeth Mason, Margaret Wallace & Isabella Mason.

Healing & Anointing

The ministry of healing and anointing will be offered after the main service at St Bartholomew's this morning. All those desirous of this healing ministry are asked to stay for a few minutes after the service.

Laurine & Ancil would like to thank Quintin, Ann, Rob, Fr Fred, June

 & all the congregation for their help, support & prayers

 also the flowers & cards. We appreciate it very much. Thank you.

Daphne’s partner Basil is very unwell in the Royal London Hospital.

Please keep them in your prayers at this time.

Afternoon Bible Study Date Change 

Due to unforseen circumstances the afternoon Bible Study group due to meet tomorrow will now meet on Monday 24 February at 1.45pm in the Luke Room.

 Please note that the evening group will meet on Tuesday evening (18th Feb)

 at 7.30pm at Mary's home (address available from the Parish Office).

Electoral Roll forms are available at the back of both Churches

 for those who haven’t signed up.

 Please take one and fill in as the APCM is coming up soon.

Rectory Coffee Morning A Saturday morning of chat, tea. coffee and cup cakes is promised at the Rectory on Saturday 8th March 10am-12noon.

All welcome!

 Hot drink and a cup cake for £1.50 in aid of church funds.


Preparation for First Communion and Confirmation

 for this year will start shortly. Candidates for First Communion need to be 7 Years old or above Candidates for Confirmation need to be

14 Years old (or nearly) and above.

NB There is no upper age limit for either of these two Sacraments.

We would like to invite Candidates to register on the Forms provided at the back of both Churches.

First Communion will take place on Easter Sunday and Confirmation will take place in June.     Thanks    Fr Fred

Little Sing

Come along and join in a singalong around the piano at St Bart’s.

Everyone welcome. 

No musical ability required.

Wednesday 19th February 2.00-3.00pm   

Help raise awareness of the difficulties our O.A.P's face in todays society!

We have a budding young film maker who will be shooting a 4min film aimed at young people, and hopefully our governments, to remind them to remember and appreciate our older generation.

This is a subject close to his heart and what he needs is some willing people aged 50+ to be background extras on the day of the shoot.

This will involve sitting in our Luke room and generally socialising, chatting, drinking tea, playing scrabble and generally having a good time while there will be a film crew and actors working around them.

Without you, the extras, this film would not be able to happen so if you feel like you could offer your time for the cause please put your name down

 at the Parish Office or contact Jon or Fiona.

When: Friday 21st Feb   12am - 4pm

           (or any amount of time within this period that you can offer)

Where: St Bartholomew's Church

For any further questions please contact:  Jon Mathis 07999 509 852 or 

                                                                       Fiona Ryan 07784181843

There will be a tab opened at the cafe for all participants.




There will be a short meeting of the PCC on Thursday 20 February at 7.30pm at Bart's with just two but very important items on the agenda. These are the future of the East Ham Team development and a first look at the accounts.

N.B. Could all Treasurers please take their books to the Parish Office

 as soon as possible in preparation to be sent to the Auditors.

East Ham Team LENT 2014

‘A Heart for mission’: A study guide looking at faith in action.

The Lent Course will be held on a Wednesday afternoon at Pilgrim’e Way

or Wednesday evening after the 6.30pm service at St Mary’s.

More details to follow soon.



We once again have a variety of speakers from the congregation

 talking about their life & faith.


                                LENT1    9th March   Damian Sutton

                                LENT2  16th March   Louise Simmons

                                LENT3  23rd March   Mary Richards

                                LENT4  30th March   Derek James

              PASSION SUNDAY  6th April    Andrew Biro


                                                    ‘Me & My music’


 Wednesday 19th February 7pm Bart’s Cafe.

     Flavia Tenywa – East Ham’s best known Chiropodist

reveals her favourite music as she reflects on her life and work.

A two course dinner is included in the ticket price of £7.

You are welcome to bring your own wine.

Please email Sue This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or the Parish Office to book stating any dietary requirements.


Morning Prayer  

Morning Prayer is usually said at Bart’s on Mondays, Wednesday & Thursdays at 9am and at St Mary Magdalene on Tuesdays & Fridays also at 9am.

All are welcome. Where the priest is not available members of the congregation are urged to join in a time of prayer for our ministry and mission together.

Midweek Services

St Mary’s 6.30pm Wednesday and St Bart’s 1230 Thursday.

The Parish Office is open Monday – Friday 9.30am – 3.30pm

Telephone 020 8470 0011 

 email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

 Website:  www.easthamparish.org.uk  

 twitter @easthamteam. 

  Registered Charity No: 1127847