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St Alban                                                                                     


Sunday 1st December2013


Bishop Stephen writes:


A Gospel Paradox at work at the start of a New Christian Year


I want you to know that I continue to believe that the centre of the church is the local Christian community, the Eucharistic church gathered around the table of the Lord, therefore gathered by the Lord himself. All our churches are therefore beginning to explore how they might better serve their locality by forming what we are calling Mission and Ministry units, that is communities of Christians and churches under the oversight of a minister and enabling us not just to sustain our life in every parish, but develop new life and new expressions of church.


There is, I believe, a gospel paradox at work here: in the Chelmsford diocese we have too many churches; and the solution is to have more! What I mean by this is we have too many churches where the model of church is a Vicar and building. And this cannot be sustained either theologically or financially. And we need more: a new biblical and theologically coherent model of church, where the church is the people of God, not the minister and the building, a worshipping and witnessing community serving its locality and , where appropriate, developing new expressions of life and Christian community.


It is for this reason: to take seriously the constraints we are working with; and the great missionary challenge facing us; that we are renewing and reimaging ministry at every level of church life. And the first significant step in this change is our seven new archdeaconries, giving us a greater sense of belonging at a more local level, and then releasing our seven Archdeacons to work with Area Deans and Lay Chairs in establishing our Units and developing our life.


Our archdeacons will now be more available to the parishes they serve. And whether they arrive by taxi or on foot (!) , they are here to help all of us become the church that we believe God is calling us to be in this day and for this culture.               +Stephen  


    Excerpts from a sermon preached by the Bishop earlier in the autumn


St Bart's: Fred is Celebrant and Rob is Preacher

St Mary Magdalene: Quintin is Celebrant and Preacher

In Our Prayers
Our Mission: +Stephen and +David our bishops, our clergy and our mission to

East Ham;  Health & Exercise: St Bart’s Surgery; Slimming World; Weightwatchers; Karate; Wing Chun King FU; Smovey; Zumba

The sick and suffering: Les Page, Clarice, Win Jones, Maude Smith, Les Rowe,

 Martin & Yvonne Gammon, Geneva Grimes, Alice Singh & Richard.

Those who have died:

 Louis Hisco Okai, Fr Colin Fletcher, John Burns & Ken Bowhill.

May they rest in peace & rise in glory.

Readings for 1st December 2013

St Mary’s:   Isaiah 2:1-5

St Bart’s:  Isaiah 2: 1-5   Romans 13: 11-end  Matthew 24: 36-44

Readings for 8th December 2013

Isaiah 11: 1-10     Romans 15: 4-13     Matthew 3: 1-12

St Mary’s Birthday’s    Happy Birthday  to  Alison McLucas

At St Mary’s this morning we welcome for baptism Ananchel.

 Please pray for her, her family, Godparents & friends.

ADVENT SUNDAY. Today marksthe start of a new Christian Year as we light the first candle of Advent and as we wait for the coming again of our Lord Jesus at Christmas. This afternoon we meet at East Ham Baptist

 at 4.15pm for the E6 Churches Advent Walk of Witness

proceeding to St Bart’s. If you are coming along please bring torches etc.

 – anything light and bright, but not naked flames.


As a parish we are indebted to Revd Christopher Owens who has worked with the clergy team in devising our new order of service for Advent. Both of our churches will be using the same order which is excellent. There are one or two minor changes but, otherwise, the liturgy of Advent speaks through boldly.

 A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who helped  

at St Mary’s Christmas Market yesterday.

JOHN BURNS RIP  The funeral of local resident John Burns takes place this week from the parish. Please pray for Eve, his wife and his wider family.

Many of you may remember Ken Bowhill who did a lot of work at

St Mary’s & St Alban’s. He sadly passed away on Monday

 25th November. Please keep him in your prayers.


My brother Father Colin Fletcher passed away very unexpectedly

 at his home in Dawlish Devon on Tuesday 19th November.

As he started his journey in the Anglican Church at St Mary Magdalene I thought it fitting that I should notify you of his untimely death.

His funeral will take place at St Michael's & All Angels, Heavitree Devon

at 2pm on Thursday 5th December just 4 days after the memorial service

 for our  mother Ellen which is being held at High Street South Methodist church. Please remember them both in your prayers. 

    Regards      Maureen Norris


There are envelopes available via Christian Aid to support the work

of the Christian Church in Bethlehem – a place where some of us

 in the parish hope to actually visit next year.

If you can afford just a few pounds please put your money

in the envelope and put them in the collection or

hand them to the clergy or parish office.

Christian Aid Philippines Appeal This week I sent off £76 to Christian Aid on your behalf.  Thank you for your generosity.  PS Christian Aid has sent (in error) 100 envelopes for the recycling of ink cartridges, mobile phones etc.  Please let me know if you could use one..or two..or three...     Geraldine

Advent Carol Service

Our Advent Carol Service is next Sunday at 4pm. This is a series of seasonal readings and carols by candlelight around the theme of expectancy. Everyone is welcome to attend.

ST ANDREW Yesterday the Church remembered the life and witness of Andrew the Apostle.

Here is a prayer to pray in thanksgiving for his life: ALMIGHTY God, who didst give such grace unto thy holy Apostle Saint Andrew, that he readily obeyed the calling of thy Son Jesus Christ, and followed him without delay: Grant unto us all, that we, being called by thy holy word, may forthwith give up ourselves obediently to fulfil the holy commandments; through the same Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

BOOK CLUB CHRISTMAS TEA The Church Book Club meets on Monday December 8th and will watch a popular movie as well as sharing in afternoon tea of mince pies and Wensleydale cheese.

A contribution of £2 per person is requested towards the cost of the afternoon tea. ALL ARE WELCOME

Christmas Lunch Club at St Bart’s Cafe

Sue and the team are busy stirring cakes and puddings in preparation for our Christmas lunch on Monday 16th December.

Three course meal followed by afternoon activities,

cake & mince pies!  Cost - £8 per head.

 Please bookwith Sue or theParish office

Seeing a Priest

After the service is not the best time to have a detailed conversation with your parish priest and many of you would like a bit more time to discuss issues which are important to you or things in your lives which are causing you hurt or distress. If you would like to meet with a priest please contact the parish office and we can arrange it. Ann, Fred, Rob and Quintin are happy to visit you at home or see you in church at a mutually convenient time.


Chelmsford Diocese and Chelmsford Cathedral are delighted to announce the appointment of The Revd Nicholas Henshall as the new Dean of Chelmsford who will lead Chelmsford Cathedral. Mr Henshall is currently acting Archdeacon of Richmond and Vicar of Christ Church on the Stray, Harrogate. Nicholas said: "I am very excited that Bishop Stephen has invited me to be the next Dean of Chelmsford, and daunted in the best way by the responsibilities. “I am very much looking forward to working with colleagues in the Diocese and at the Cathedral and getting to know churches and communities across Essex and east London. 2014 is the centenary year of Chelmsford becoming a Cathedral. Building on the splendid foundations already laid in those first 100 years, I am eager to see how the Cathedral can develop its mission and ministry in the city, the region and the Diocese at the beginning of what is for us a new century."


Sunday 22nd December at 4pm. Please book the date in your diary.

This is a date for ALL in the parish.

Midweek Services

St Mary Magdalene 6.30pm Wednesday and  St Bart’s 12.30pm Thursday.

Morning Prayer   Morning Prayer is generally said at 9am as follows:

Monday: Bart's; Tuesday: Mary Magdalene; Wednesday: Bart's;

Thursday: Bart's; Friday: Mary Magdalene

If you are free, why don't you join us. Quite a few people already do at various times of the week. If a priest is unable to be present you are encourage to pray for the life and mission of the parish anyway!!

The Parish Office is open Monday – Friday 9.30am – 3.30pm

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