17th November 2013 Newsletter

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Sunday 17th November2013



A Mission Weekend


Last Thursday several of us, including all our clergy, heard Bishop Stephen encourage all Parishes in the Diocese to hold a special evangelising “Mission Weekend” next year – something many will not have done before – and which may both scare us and excite us.


I heard him say that we should set up a team of people who have a vision for and maybe some experience in evangelism and he outlined the stages in making such an event relevant and successful:-


1) whom can we invite: whom we have contact with – as  a parish and as individuals?

2) what are the issues they might be facing in their lives?

3) what is our Gospel to help them meet those needs?

4) what sort of event would be best for them?

5) how can we ensure suitable follow-up for interested people?


I heard him say that “evangelism” might be a scary word but it contains a nice word “angel” (word-gamers please note), that conversion may be a long process, and that evangelism is traditionally seen as something other Christian groups do and the CofE gets the benefit! But he also  reminded us that we may be the facilitators but God is the Evangelist.


Coming from an evangelical background I found all this very, almost too familiar and it took me back 30, 40 even 50 years to my school/student days and the Missions that we were involved with; but then I thought “why I am surprised by this?”.  The Gospel needs to be preached to every generation and what is the point of having a faith if we can’t be confident about sharing it?



St Bart's: Quintin is Celebrant and Ann is Preacher

St Mary Magdalene: Fred is Celebrant and John is Preacher

In Our Prayers
Our Mission: +Stephen and +David our bishops, our clergy and our mission to

East Ham;

Children & Young People: St Bart’s Pre-School; Newham Pre-School Learning Alliance; Fellowship House Children’s Centre; Rainbows, Brownies, Guides & Rangers; Beavers, Cubs,Scouts; Centre4M; St Mary’s Pre-School; Community Links at St Mary’s; St Alban’s Pre-School; Sea Cadets; Air Cadets; Army Cadets; XLP

Readings for 17th  November 2013   

Malachi 4: 1-2a            2 Thessalonians 3: 6-13         Luke 21: 5-19

Readings for 24th November 2013

Jeremiah 23: 1-6          Colossians 1: 11-20           Luke 23: 33-43

St Mary’s Birthday’s  Happy Birthday  to

Layla-Jane Tellis, Joyce Hayes, Earlene Bentley & Louise Simmons

Healing and Renewal Today at St Bart's there will be the monthly anointing and laying on of hands for healing and renewal

 at the end of the morning service.

E6 Churches Advent Walk of Witness. Advent Sunday 1st December.

Gathering at East Ham Baptist at 4.15pm for a 4.30pm departure - then proceeding to St. Bart's. If you are coming along please bring torches etc. - anything light and bright, but not naked flames.


Many of you will have seen the devastation wrecked by the hurricane in the Philippines. There have been some shocking stories of immense suffering but the relief effort seems to be getting going now and there is some relief for those who were without food and water. The churchwardens have agreed that a basket be available today for you to make a one off gift, if you can afford it, which we will send to the Relief Fund to help those who are suffering. You can donate this Sunday or next week and we will send our gift as part of the mid term relief effort which will go on for many months and even years. Please place your gifts in the baskets provided.

Thanks again to everyone                                            ROB

Parish Bible Study. We continue our Bible Study of St Paul’s letter to the Galatians on Tuesday 26th November 7.45pm  at Mary’s house.

St Bart's DCC Wednesday 20th November 7.30pm in the Chapel.

St Mary’s DCC Wednesday 27th November 7.30pm

in the Parish Room.


Newham Free Training courses for Christians

Leaflets are available for the next ‘On the Way’ course, from which we have had several graduates and the more recent ‘Time to Share’ course.

Both courses rely heavily on sharing experiences together rather than reading and writing and start in the New Year.

On the Way    Is focused on developing your faith and becoming a more confident Christian.  It also encourages people to discover their talents.

There is a week end residential for which a contribution of £15 is requested.

Time to Share   This course is for building confidence in those who wish to share their faith in an appropriate way with others.

It includes a placement and projects and would be ideal for those interested in any form of outreach and for helping to plan the ‘Mission Weekend’ for next year!

Special services at St Bart’s As we move towards Christmas we are beginning to plan two of our festival services. Our Advent Carol service will be on the afternoon of Sunday 8 December and our Christmas Carol Service will be on the afternoon of Sunday 22 December. Alongside the wonderful seasonal hymns and carols we’ll be telling the traditional story using the Bible and other readings.  In order to do this we are going to need a host of people to read out the passages.  Could you be one of those people?  If you would be able to read at one or both of these services please could you let me know as soon as possible.(Thank you to those who have already volunteered – you are on the list)      Geraldine

Mission Weekend  

2014 is the Centenary Year of the Diocese of Chelmsford and, as part of the celebrations, Bishop Stephen is recommending all parishes put on a “Mission Weekend” to encourage more people to come to Church. Many of us heard him on Thursday outlining  his thoughts for such a weekend. We will pass on more specific details and ideas of what we heard and be considering what sort of event we can hold but, in the meantime, would urge all members of our congregations to think and pray  about how St Mary’s and St. Bartholomew’s can best play our part in it.

East Ham Wider Team Please note that Rob will be licensed as

Team Rector of East Ham by Bishop David in his chapel on Thursday 21st November at 10am. It doesn't mean anything other than that the old East Ham Team is no longer suspended and that we can now proceed in talks with other parishes in the newly emerging clusters to see how we can work together more.

Little Sing Our next Little Sing will be on Wednesday 20th November 2.00 - 3.00 around the piano at St Bart's.  All welcome

Put all the hours spent on watching TV cookery programmes

 to good use. Homemade cakes are required for the

Christmas Market on 30th November at St Mary's Hall. 

Please see Claudette if you can help. Thank you


St Mary’s Christmas Market

St Mary’s Church Hall

High Street South

East Ham



Saturday 30th November 2013 


11.00am – 3.00pm.


Raffle/ books/ cards

Cakes/ clothes/ toys

Bric a Brac


Refreshments Available.


Please come along and bring all your friends.


Midweek Services

St Mary Magdalene 6.30pm Wednesday and

 St Bart’s 12.30pm Thursday.

Morning Prayer   Morning Prayer is generally said at 9am as follows:

Monday: Bart's; Tuesday: Mary Magdalene; Wednesday: Bart's;

Thursday: Bart's; Friday: Mary Magdalene

If you are free, why don't you join us. Quite a few people already do at various times of the week. If a priest is unable to be present you are encourage to pray for the life and mission of the parish anyway!!

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