28th April 2013 Newsletter

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Sunday28th April 2013




A Times' leader this week suggested that the opponents of President Assad of Syria should be armed following another week of casualties.


The United Nations, European Union and the United States response to the human suffering in Syria is lamentable.


Thousands of people have died since the conflict escalated two years ago. A once beautiful country which I have had the privilege of visiting on two memorable occasions has been ravaged by suffering, death and physical bombardment.


Muslims, Christians and even Jews used to live relatively peacefully both in Damascus and in he towns and villages which populate the Syrian hills. Now there are increasing tensions, not only between certain of the faiths but within the faith groups themselves. Tribalism has returned. Where you family was from says a lot about your chances of survival when government troups arrive and even women and children are not spared.


Commentators have repeatedly asked he question - why had the world to intervened in Syria? Because of the tapestry of countries which make up the Middle East? Because there is no oil there? Because it is genuinely a no win situation?


We offer increasing prayers for peace in that country. For the people of Syria and most particularly for the churches there. That one day, the warfare will end and the people will restore the beauty of the land.




In Our Prayers
Pray for +Stephen and +David Our Bishops and for our mission to East Ham as a parish. We also remember Jide our Curate training at Westcott House, Cambridge.
We remember those who are sick and suffering and particularly we pray for

Les Page, Clarice, Win Jones, Maude Smith,,Martin & Yvonne Gammon,

 Geneva Grimes, Louise Simmonds, Joyce Des, Ricky Adolph & Daisy Jefferson.

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Parish Prayer Rota:   This week we pray for  Health & Exercise:

St Bart’s Surgery; Slimming World, Weightwatchers, Karate

Preparing for baptism: Josiah & Maddie

Readings for 28th April 2013

Acts 11: 1-18              Revelations 21: 1-6         John 13: 31-35

Readings for 5th May  2013

Acts 16: 9-15              John 14: 23-29  or John 5: 1-9

St Mary’s Birthdays    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to:  Ben Davies

Norman has been taken into Newham General Hospital.

His back is still playing up and hopefully they will find out what is wrong. Please keep him in your prayers.

Josiah will be baptised at St Bart's next Sunday morning. He is almost a year old and has been coming to church for the past few weeks on and off!!  At St Mary’s next Sunday Maddie will be baptised. We look forward to welcoming both families, friends & Godparents next week.

The London Appreciation Society are visiting St Mary’s on

 Tuesday 7th May at 11.00am. If anyone would like to give

 Quintin a hand to show them round please speak to him.

Live Below the Line   29 April-3 May 2013

Want to do something different to support Christian Aid Week? 1.4 billion people live on less than £1 a day. We’re asking you to put yourself in their shoes by living off £1 for food and drink for five days. It will be tough but it can be a profound, rewarding experience and the money you raise from your challenge will help some of the world’s poorest communities lift themselves out of poverty. Eustace Njeru, a farmer, lives in Mbeere South, Kenya, in an area where the climate is dry and unforgiving. The difficult weather conditions mean his family often do not have enough to feed themselves; during dry periods, they just eat enough to stay alive.

TWO IMPORTANT SAINTS' DAYS This week we remember St Philip and St James when the 6.30pm Mass at St Mary Magdalene takes place on Wednesday evening whilst the 4th century Bishop of Alexandria, Athanasius, is remembered

 during  the St Bart's Thursday lunchtime service.

ST MARK STUDY DAY A dozen or so people spent most of last Monday studying the Gospel of Mark in the Upper Room.

It was good to see folk there from St Bart's, St Mary's as well as

 St George's. We looked at the history of the Gospel and at the themes Son of God, Kingdom of God and Discipleship.

Details of forthcoming Study Days will be available soon.

Me & My Music

Bart's Cafe will be the venue for an evening of fun, food and music on Wednesday 5th June at 7.30pm for all in the parish when we invite a special guest to pick their six favourite pieces of music over a simple supper.

Our first special guest will be The Revd Nicola Vidamour, our Methodist Minister, whom we all know well. This should be a fun evening.

Book the date now!

 We hope to welcome some of our Methodist sisters and brothers too!!

TREASURERS A reminder that all of the Treasurers will be meeting next week on Wednesday 1st May at Bart's at 7.30pm.

There will be cheese and wine available.

This follows the Eucharist at St Mary Magdalene.


 Following a wide ranging Bart's DCC Meeting on Monday it was agreed to have a Vision Evening to look ahead to the future development and usage of the Bart's Centre.

This includes the church, rooms and cafe.

THE PROPOSED DATE IS MONDAY 21st MAY AT 7.30PM in Church and this meeting is also open to members of the St Mary's DCC who may have views and ideas on the way forward. This meeting will then make suggestions to assist the Bart's DCC at it summer meeting.

Bart's Cafe is open every day for breakfast, lunch and tea.

Please support your local cafe. We love seeing you!

Volunteers Needed! to help in Bart’s Café. If you can spare a few hours each week to help prepare and serve in our community café please contact Sue in the café or phone the Parish Office.

STUBBERS 2013  June 28th-30th Once again we are taking 30 children aged 8 - 16yrs to the Stubbers Adventure Centre for a weekend of adventurous activities  see www.stubbers.co.uk for information. Please complete an application form ASAP for each child, available from the Parish Office or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .Shirley Biro at Bart’s This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or Fred at St Mary’s and return with a cheque for £55 per child payable to “East Ham PCC”. For informal enquiries contact John Marshall at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Parish Outing  Our 2013 parish outing is to Chichester on Saturday 29th June.  Please note the date on your calendar.The cost will be £12 for adults and £4 for under 16’s We will be taking names very soon.


Last chance  for performers to join the line-up for our 9th annual Parish Concert

 for Christian Aid. Date: Saturday 11 May 2013 Time: 3.00- 5.00pm

 Venue: St Mary Magdalene. If you’d like to join in please give the details

of your item to  Alison at St Mary’s  or Geraldine at St Bart’s.

NB The deadline for inclusion on the programme  is TODAY!

(PS: tone deaf but talented in the kitchen? – all contributions

 towards refreshments gratefully received!)

Tickets are now available £6  (concessions £4) under 12’s free

From Alison at St Mary’s or Geraldine at St Bart’s.

All proceeds to Christian Aid.



PARISH CHURCHWARDENS:  Andrew Biro     Damian Sutton



St.Mary Magdalene     Laurine Griffith    John King

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Doris Goodchild,   Ehi Omoregie,   Sam Ozurumba,   Norman Lipman

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St. Mary Magdalene   Ancil Griffith,  Colin Mansfield, Tina Preston,

                                     John Hedges, Terry Hooker, Dennis Pridmore,


St. Bartholomew         Geraldine Pote, Pat Williams, Eutal Spence

                                      Hazel Phillips,  Lorraine Ashton, Susan Allen,  Rose Geaney,


Shirley Biro, John King, Gordon Owen, June Bassenger




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