10th March 2013 Newsletter

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Sunday 10th March 2013


Transforming Lives

Bishop Stephen's theme on Wednesday evening was light. The light that we can see and the light that is hidden.

Our task as God's church in this wonderful part of London is to make sure that what we know and who we are shines out so that others might believe.

It's not easy. There are lots of barriers to overcome. Our culture is set against thinking about spiritual things.

But at the heart of what we believe is a God who has transformed suffering and brought about eternal glory. The changing of darkness into light is just one aspect of that.

Our theme from this Lent until Easter 2014 - and this theme has indeed been given to us - if "change". Transforming change. Change which brings about a real difference so that darkness is no more.

Our theme "Transforming Lives" is all about making sure that we look outwards at the task to which God has called us. The ability to make a difference because we are His disciples.

Thank you for your welcome. Let us approach the rest of Lent, Passiontide and Holy Week with a strong discipline of knowing that we can bring about the kind of change in our own lives and in the lives of others which God has ordained for us.

As Bishop Stephen reminded us: God loves East Ham!

Let us share that love with others.


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Please remember in your prayers:

Les Page, Clarice, Vicky Schiff, Win Jones, Dela McCarteny,

Maude Smith, Dot Anderson, Martin & Yvonne Gammon

PARISH PRAYER ROTA This week we pray for Older People:

Worshipping Communities who share our buildings: Clergy & Lay Ministers: Rob, Quintin, Fred, Ann, Shirley & John: Staff: Brenda, Chrissie, Bill, May, June, Win & Mary: Churchwardens: Andrew, Damian, Laurine, John, Philip & Ajith

Readings for 10th March 2013

Exodus 2: 1-10     Colossians 3: 12-17      John 19: 25b-27

Readings for 17th March 2013

Isaiah 43: 16-21       Philippians 3: 4b-14       John 12: 1-8

St Mary’s Birthdays        HAPPY BIRTHDAY to:  Folarin Laditan & Mary Richards

After the service at St Mary’s today the First Communion and Confirmation classes will continue in the Parish Room.

Mothering Sunday. We remember Mary, mother of our Lord.

We thank God for her "Yes" to God and for her devotion to his purposes.

We pray for our own mothers. At St Mary’s this morning we will be handing out daffodils to mark Mothering Sunday.

Thank You

A huge thank you to everyone who played any part at all, including those of you who simply turned up, for my licensing by Bishop Stephen on Wednesday evening. It was good to see so many people from near and far who had made the trip. After months of expectation and preparation we are now able to focus again more fully on who we are and to renew our ministry for mission in East Ham. I would also like to issue a personal note of thanks on your behalf to Quintin who has managed an extremely long interregnum with extraordinary patience and of course to Anne and all the clergy who have assisted at both Bart's and Mary's over recent months. Also, of course,to your churchwardens for their hard work, diligence and prayers. Rob


Remembering.... The funeral took place on Friday of Alfred Terrell, formerly of Doran Court. His life was celebrated at the City of London Crematorium. Rob officiated. Please pray for his wife Vera and the wider family at this time.

Many Congratulations to Rob on his birthday on 14th March.

As a birthday treat Quintin has arranged a visit of Nursery children from North Beckton Primary

If anyone would like to take part in the Palm Sunday Passion reading

please see Quintin after the service this morning.

The Rectory As of the end of this week there is still no date for the current resident to be moving out. We will keep you posted. Rob will do his best to be around as much as he is physically able in the weeks ahead until the house is vacated and redecorated.

A message from Marion Anglum. You naughty people – I haven’t left you,

I couldn’t. Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers & pot plant and for all of your good wishes on my house. Love Marion

A new Electoral Roll is being compiled this year for the APCM on 7th April. We are handing out electoral roll forms for people to fill in.

St Bart’s will be hosting school visits from Hartley Primary

School on March 19th/20th/21st. Help with these visits would be most appreciated.

Vicarage Primary & North Beckton Primary will be visiting St Mary’s.

'Barts cafe. Food and Friendship' Is now open, from 10am.

Please come in for coffee and chat

PCC MEETING.Monday 11th March , 8.00pm at St Mary’s.

Minutes and agendas available to pick up today.

LENT COURSE Based on Bp Stephen Cottrell’s Book 'Christ in the Wilderness: Reflecting on the paintings by Stanley Spencer.

Wednesday, 13th March  Session3 2pm Pilgrims Way

                                                     7.15pm St.Marys Parish Room, Church Hall

                                                     6.30pm Eucharist is being taken by Nicolla Vidamour

Wednesday, 20th March  Session4  2pm Pilgrims Way

                                                      7.15pm St.Marys Parish Room, Church Hall


The number of people coming to Renewal Refugee and Migrant Project – RAMP – is growing and we are sorely in need of some dried and tinned food. I would like to make another appeal for the following foodstuffs please: Tinned Tomatoes, Baked beans, Kidney beans Tuna, Soups - especially vegetable and tomato   Vegetables – especially peas, carrots, sweetcorn fruit, Sardines, Corned beef Packets of  spaghetti, Rice, Pasta, Tea bags Extras Toothpaste, Soap, Nappies – all sizes, Wipes Thank you so much     Ann

Please leave in the grey bin at the back of St Bart’s church or bring to the Parish Office




24th March 10.00am Joint Eucharist with blessing and procession of palms, at St Mary Magdalene


25th March 8.00pm Eucharist with reflection at St Bartholomew



26th March 8.00pm Eucharist with reflection at St Bartholomew



27th March   6.30pm Eucharist with reflection   at St Mary Magdalene



28th March 12.30pm Eucharist   at St Bartholomew

                     8.00pm Eucharist with washing of feet and vigil at St Mary Magdalene



29th March 11.15am   Procession of the cross from St Bartholomew

11.30am   E6 open air service, Myrtle Road (outside Sainsbury’s)

12.30pm   Stations of the Cross at St Bartholomew

2.00pm   Adoration of the Cross and communion from

reserved sacrament at St Mary Magdalene      


30th March   8.00pm     First Fires and Lighting of the Paschal Candle at St Mary Magdalene


31st March         8.00am Mass   at St Mary Magdalene

                         10.00am Family Service with First communion at St Mary Magdalene

                         10.00am Eucharist for Easter   at St Bartholomew


Wednesday 6.30pm at St Mary’s       Thursday 12.30pm at St Bart’s

The Parish Office is open Monday – Friday 9.30am – 3.30pm

Telephone 020 8470 0011       email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: www.easthamparish.org.uk     twitter @easthamteam.

Registered Charity No: 1127847