3rd March 2013 Newsletter

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Sunday 3rd March 2013

And in the Church of God…………

On Thursday 28th February 2013 at 20:00 the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI took effect and the seat of Saint Peter becomes vacant. Pope Benedict XVI, the 265th pope become "emeritus pope" in his retirement. He will continue to wear a white cassock.

A conclave will soon be called where the qualified Cardinals will appoint a new pope, hopefully in time for the Holy Week and Easter. A new pope! Vicar of Christ, Bishop of Rome, Sovereign Head of the Vatican City State, worldwide Leader of the 1.6 Billion Roman Catholics, a new Pope whose most preferred title is Servus Servorum Dei (Servant of the servants of God)

It would be absurd to entertain the idea that we as individual Christians, as a parish, as the Church of England or indeed the worldwide Anglican Communion could stand by and watch with neutral or even cynical passivity as before our very eyes events of these seismic proportions shake the Church of God.

These are momentous days in the History of the Church of God: the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, the first to do so in 600 years, a conclave to appoint a new pope whilst the old one is still alive, times of clerical sexual scandals, mounting heaps of other scandalous behaviour from the various echelons of the hierarchy, ethical decadence in the Church, an ever growing secularism, emptying churches, diminishing vocations to ordained ministry, polarized groups on pertinent issues like celibacy, women ordinations, single sex relationships, lack of priests to preach, teach and lead the church. And surely not the least, the recent popegate as leaked by the Pope’s butler revealing a fragile and fragmented Curia and Church and a general weakened sense of purpose and ethical compass. All the above play before our us like slides of a horror film.

Before his election on 19th April 2005 Pope Benedict XVI was known as Cardinal Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger. He was a renowned Post Vatican II theologian and one of the most prolific writers, avidly read by many Christians, priests and seminarians in 80s. Then, Cardinal Ratz was known to be a radical thinker, unlike today when his bitter critiques, most of whom are secularists and moral nihilists prefer to describe Pope Benedict XVI as “caged in a cave of theological conservatism”. How unfortunate! Thankfully many objective thinkers know that nothing can be further from the truth than such a view.

At the end of the 2013 conclave when the “white smoke” comes out, and the joyous declaration from the Cardinal Protodeacon: “Habemus Papam”! (We have a Pope!) sounds, who will emerge from those famous window of St Peters and the 266 successor of St Peter. And most importantly where does the Church of God go from here? Let us pray!    

                                                                                                                                                     Fr Fred               



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                                            Please remember in your prayers:

Les Page, Clarice, Vicky Schiff, Win Jones, Dela McCarteny,

Maude Smith, Dot Anderson, Martin & Yvonne Gammon


PARISH PRAYER ROTA This week we pray for Older People:

Golden Oldies: Genesis Housing Association – residents and staff:

Lunch Club: Friday Games


Readings for 3rd March 2013

Isaiah 55: 1-9         Luke 13: 1-9

Readings for 10th March 2013

Exodus 2: 1-10   Colossians 3: 12-17   John 19: 25b-27



Introducing Jide Macaulay


It is formally announced that Jide Macaulay, a Chelmsford Diocesan Ordinand in training at Westcott House, will be ordained Deacon

and serve as Curate in our parish from July. This is excellent news as Jide will bring unique gifts to our clergy

and lay team and I am really looking forward to working with him. I asked Jide to write a few words and this is what he had to say.

He hopes to attend on Wednesday evening so do give him a warm welcome!


Jide writes:"My name is Jide Macaulay a final year ordinand at Westcott House – Cambridge Theological Federation in training and formation for priesthood. I have a good background and qualifications in Law and Theology. I was born in 1965 in Islington London to Nigerian parents and have lived in East London since 2008 prior to that I lived and worked in South London. I have a long history and love for the East End of London.

In 2000, I played Jesus in the commemorative ‘Passion Play’ in the Borough of Newham, some of you may remember me from that time.

In the last few years I have been focusing more on ‘what God is calling me to do?’ Parish ministry is one of many things and I am excited to have been offered to serve my Curacy at the Parish of East Ham. These are exciting times and I trust that God in his mercy and the Holy Spirit will always be with us. I look forward to living in the Parish and working with Rob and the team, getting involved in community life, particularly I am looking forward to meeting as many parishioners and joining in Parish life."



At St Mary’s this morning we welcome for Baptism Harley, his parents, Godparents, family & friends.

Please them in your prayers.


At St Bart’s this morning we welcome The Revd Merrin Playle from St Paul’s, East Ham as our preacher & celebrant.


After the service at St Mary’s today the First Communion and Confirmation classes will continue in the Parish Room.


Next Sunday 10th March is Mothering Sunday


A new Electoral Roll is being compiled this year for the APCM on

7th April. We are handing out electoral roll forms for people to fill in.


St Bart’s will be hosting school visits from Hartley Primary School on March 19th/20th/21st.

Help with these visits would be most appreciated


'Barts cafe. Food and Friendship'

Is now open, from 10am.  Light snacks to begin with, then gradually building up the menu and the ambience!


The number of people coming to Renewal Refugee and Migrant Project – RAMP –

is growing and we are sorely in need of some dried and tinned food.

Newham churches have always been very generous to us so I would like to make another appeal for the following foodstuffs please:

Tinned Tomatoes, Baked beans, Kidney beans, Tuna,

Soups - especially vegetable and tomato

Vegetables – especially peas, carrots, sweetcorn

Fruit, Sardines, Corned beef

Packets of Spaghetti, Rice, Pasta, Tea bags

Extras Toothpaste, Soap, Nappies – all sizes, Wipes

Thank you so much


Please leave in the grey bin at the back of St Bart’s church or bring to the Parish Office.


Lent at St Mary Magdalene


For some years during Lent at St. Mary Magdalene’s we had

a chance to hear some reflections on their faith from the pews.

So the programme for this Lent will be as follows:

         TODAY     Baptism Quintin

10.03.2013 Ann Easter

        17.03.2013 Chris McDermott

   24.03.2013 Palm Sunday

31.03.2013 Easter Day and First Communion Quintin



TODAY SPRUCE UP SUNDAY where we will need lots of volunteers to help tidy up St Bart’s Church & Centre

in preparation for Rob’s Licensing on 6th March.

Please stay behind and help.


Monday 11th March , 8.00pm at St Mary’s.



Based on Bp Stephen Cottrell’s Book 'Christ in the Wilderness:  Reflecting on the paintings by Stanley Spencer.

Wednesday, 13th March  Session3 2pm Pilgrims Way

                                                    7.15pm St.Marys Parish Room, Church Hall

Wednesday, 20th March Session4  2pm Pilgrims Way

                                                     7.15pm St.Marys Parish Room, Church Hall




Wednesday 6.30pm at St Mary’s

Thursday 12.30pm at St Bart’s


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