16th September 2012 News

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St Mary Magdalene †      St Bartholomew †    St Alban †


Sunday 16th September 2012


We have a gospel to proclaim!

I try not to get too worked up when I read newspaper headlines of the “Christians being marginalised” variety as they tend to be of the “Shock! Horror! Read all about it!!” kind. But, like Peter Turner last week, I was appalled and dismayed by the comments from an ongoing case in the European Court of Human rights where a group of UK Christians are claiming they are being denied their rights of religious freedom.

The QC acting for the Government – this government, our government, yours and mine, was reported as saying that, when Christians leave for work, they have to leave their faith behind and conform to other standards, whatever they may be. There would appear to be no room for faith, no room for conscience, in the public arena. It would be a private matter – perhaps like Yoga or a favourite hobby, and would it have to be practised in secrecy and not be revealed to others? Well these remarks by my government’s agent were not made in my name. Not in my name.

Meanwhile, some of us were able to attend Frances’ licensing in a delightful church in Gloucester last week - and a great, joyous, occasion it was. I was delighted that, at the end, the order of service went:-

The new minister opens wide (my emphasis) the door and, turning to the congregation, says

“Go in the power of Christ”

And the response:

“We have a gospel to proclaim!”



Please remember in your prayers:

Les Page, Clarice, Vicky Schiff, Win Jones,

Dela McCarteny, Frank Burdge, Maude Smith & Dot Anderson.


PARISH PRAYER ROTA   This week we pray for:

Worshipping Communities: who share our buildings;

Clergy & Lay Ministers: Quintin, Fred, Ann, Shirley & John;

Staff: Brenda, Chrissie, Bill, May, June, Win & Mary;

Churchwardens: Andrew, Damian, Laurine, John, Philip & Ajith.


Readings for 16th September 2012

St Bart’s: Isaiah 50: 4-9a       James 3: 1-12     Mark 8: 27-38

St Mary’s: Proverbs 1:20-33     James 3: 1-12     Mark 8: 27-38

Readings for 23rd September 2012

St Bart’s: Jeremiah 11: 18-20   James 3: 13- 4.3, 7-8a   Mark 9: 30-37

St Mary’s: Proverbs 31: 10-31   James 3: 13-4,3,7-8a   Mark 9:30-37


St Mary’s Birthday’s HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sarah Namatovu, Lola Olorulade & Ben Gaby


St Bart’s Communion Hymns:  18;   574;   251



At St Bart’s this morning we warmly welcome

the Revd Canon Dave Wade vicar of St Luke’s, Canning Town as our preacher & celebrant.


Quintin is away for a week so there will be a said Service

at St Mary’s on Wednesday 19th Sept at 6.30pm and

at St Bart’s on Thursday 20th Sept at 12.30pm.


At St Mary’s next Sunday (23rd) the 8.00am service will be taken by the Revd Merrin Playle from St Paul’s, East Ham.

The 10.00am service, with permission from the Bishop, will be taken by the Revd Nicola Vidamour from High Street South Methodist Church.


HARVEST FESTIVAL 7th October 2012 at St Mary’s & St Bart’s

We will be collecting dry and tinned goods for RAMP, working with refugees and asylum seekers.



Saturday 6th October 2012.

Meet at St Mary’s Church Hall 9.30am.

No charge but a small donation welcome on the day.

Please bring a packed lunch.

Sign up sheets at the back of both Churches


ST BART’S DCC meeting Monday 17th September 7.30pm in the Chapel



We are pleased to invite you to a share in a quiet day of prayer and contemplation, focused on The Beatitudes.

Revd Canon David Driscoll will lead the quiet day (Mini Retreat).

When: September 22nd 2012, 10am to 3pm.

Where:  St George’s Burford Road, East Ham, E6 3QN.

Drinks and biscuits will be provided. For further information please call:

0208 472 2111 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We look forward to seeing you.


Next Deanery Synod is on Monday 24th September 2012 at 7.30pm at St Barnabas Church Manor Park. The Main Item includes presentations on the Diocesan Strategy of ‘Transforming Presence.’

The themes of which are, inhabiting the World Distinctively , Evangelising Effectively, Serving With Accountability, Re-imagining Ministry. These meetings are open to all as observers.

Parish reps only are allowed to vote in the preceding business items. More details from Shirley if needed.


New tenants for the Luke Room at St Bart’s.

Last week we said goodbye to Nulife who have been using the Luke Room at St Bart’s for 12 years. But we are delighted to welcome Walk a Mile in My Shoes, an organization providing activities, crafts, discussions, day trips and much more for disabled people in Newham. There will be a formal opening by Stephen Timms at 2pm on Monday 17th September.

All welcome to come along & support this new venture.




17th September   St Bart’s DCC 7.30pm

22nd / 23rd September   Open House London – St Mary’s open 22nd

2nd October     PCC at St Mary’s 7.30pm   Please note change of date.

3rd October     St Mary’s DCC 7.30pm

6th October     Quiet Day at Haggerston

7th October     Harvest Festival

20th October     Parish Autumn Fair


MONTHLY FRIDAY NIGHT VIGIL Friday 28th September 7.00 – 8.00pm in the Chapel at St Bart’s. all welcome to come along.


Church Street, Stratford, London E15 3HU.   SUNDAY OCTOBER 21st

from 4pm. Everyone welcome who is part of the human race....
Lots of food afterwards guaranteed!



PARISH AUTUMN FAIR. Saturday 20th October 2012.

We need GOOD prizes for the Raffle and Tombola.

Please give to June at St Mary’s, Marion at St Bart’s or the Parish Office.



22nd / 23rd September.

St Mary’s will be open to visitors on Saturday

22nd September. 10.00am – 4.00pm.

Guided Tours & refreshments.


Lots of other buildings are open on London – for more information go to openhouselondon.org.uk

RAMP are extremely short of tinned and dried foods i.e. Sugar, tea, coffee, rice, pasta, tinned tomatoes, beans, cooking oil and babies formula milk. Please leave in the grey bin at the back of Church or give to the Parish Office.

THE CASE FOR GOD St Paul’s Cathedral, Autumn 2012.


Public arguments about God tend to happen between fundamentalists, both atheists and believers. Five of the most distinguished and engaging theologians will explore the reality of belief.

Monday 17th September Unapologetic Francis Spufford

Tuesday 16th October The Case for God Karen Armstrong

Tuesday 30th October Atheist Delusions David Bentley Hart

Tuesday 13th November What’s the Point of Being a Christian?   Timothy Radcliffe OP

Wednesday 28th November A New Kind of Christianity   Brian McLaren.

All the events are in St Paul’s Cathedral from 6.30-8pm, are free and unticketed. All welcome For more information see leaflets at back of Church or St Paul’s Forum 020 7236 3553   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Parish Office is open Monday – Friday 9.30am – 3.30pm

Telephone 020 8470 0011

Website: www.easthamparish.org.uk

email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Registered Charity No: 1127847

9th September 2012 Newsletter

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St Mary Magdalene †      St Bartholomew †    St Alban †


Sunday 9th September 2012



I was there, of course, in Stratford in 2005 when the result of the Olympic Committee’s deliberations was read out and we learned that London was to be the venue for the 2012 Olympics. We went crazy! Everyone hugging each other and screaming while the Red Arrows flew overhead and the editor of the Newham Recorder asked me, as the then Area Dean for Newham, whether I thought that this would be a good thing for our borough.

And I’m not terribly bothered about sports so I said that I really hoped that the hopes, energy, work and money that would be needed to make the Games happen, would also produce a lasting legacy which would improve the lives of our people.

And I’m hoping for more than just things.

I’ve heard crowds cheering, not just for the winner, but for everyone who’s done their best and I want us to hold on to that way of being supporters, not jeering but cheering ; I’ve seen sportsmen and women compete and win – but then turn around to console the others who tried really hard but didn’t come in first – I want us to grow into that sort of competitors; and I’ve chatted with people on the train and drunk tea with neighbours I didn’t know, and I’d like us to continue to enjoy being communities rather than people who happen to live in the same street.

 And, if that’s what the Games are going to leave us when the show has moved on, then I for one will be a very happy beneficiary.


2nd September 2012 Newsletter

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St Mary Magdalene †      St Bartholomew †    St Alban †


Sunday 2nd September 2012


Games of Wonder

On Wednesday, the Paralympics was opened by the Queen. This is the biggest event for disabled athletes in the world. Watching the opening ceremony my mind was taken back to the summer holidays that I worked as a student at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. I was in the famous ward where all the people who had damaged their spinal cords where being treated.


Only 50 years ago patients with spinal injuries had only a two-year life expectancy. But by the time I was there in the early 1980’s their prospects were much better with Stoke Mandeville blazing a revolution of care for spinal injury patients.


Part of that new treatment was re-integrating paralysed patients back into society through sport. One afternoon, I remember watching with absolute fear a game of wheelchair basketball. The speed that these people would throw themselves around the court I naively thought was all a bit violent for someone recovering from being paralysed. Yet, of course, basketball and other sports gave people hope. Stoke Mandeville is a place not just where horrific injuries are treated but also where restoring faith and self belief in people with these injuries also happens.


I know as a naïve student my time spent at Stoke Mandeville was an extraordinary experience. So prepare to be amazed over the next couple of weeks by the feats of the athletes of the Paralympics Games.


19th & 26th August 2012 Newsletter

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St Mary Magdalene †      St Bartholomew †    St Alban †


Sunday’s 19th & 26th August 2012



Faith ends where worry begins, and worry ends where faith begins.

“Death is not extinguishing the light from the Christian;

it is putting out the lamp because the dawn has come.”

Prepare for it by reading the handbook.......

THE BIBLE IS.....Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

The Bible is More up-to-date than tomorrow's newspaper!

The Bible is the best of all books, for it is the word of God and teaches us the way to be happy in this world and in the next. Continue therefore to read it and to regulate your life by its precepts.

By the way you live You are writing a Gospel, a chapter a day,By deeds that you do, by words that you say.
Men read what you write, whether faithless or true;
Say, what is the Gospel according to you?

Be careful what you do,

Your life may be the only Bible some people may ever read.

Collated By Fr Fred

5th & 12th August 2012 Newsletter

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St Mary Magdalene †      St Bartholomew †    St Alban †


Sunday’s 5th & 12th August 2012


“..in a race all the runners compete but only one receives the prize?” (I cor 9 v 24)

The Olympic Games are on, in case you hadn’t noticed, and I, for one, have been thoroughly enjoying them. The Opening Ceremony was stunning and the rendition of “Jerusalem” both deeply moving and, in its own way, a Christian witness in an event that supposedly celebrates the human, not the Divine.

Interestingly though, there are several metaphors to athletics in the New Testament, presumably because the listeners were familiar with sports and games. One of the best known is in I Corinthians “..in race all the runners compete but only one receives the prize” (I Cor. 9 v24ff). Paul sets himself the highest standard – Gold - and encourages us to do the same in our lives. No “prizes for all” here!

But, we all have our own races to run, or jump, or row or swim and it will be a different challenge for each of us, depending on our gifts, abilities and circumstances. As Christians we are called to be faithful, not necessarily successful. But we are called to take part: to use what God has given us.

And, for those of us who wouldn’t ever “podium” in anything, we can take heart from an informal Olympic motto, introduced by Baron De Coubertin (who founded the modern Olympic Games): "The most important thing in the Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well." Apparently he got this motto from a sermon during the 1908 London Games!