Newsletter 30/05/2010

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St Mary Magdalene † St Bartholomew † St Alban †


Sunday 30th May 2010

Environmentally Friendly

It was heartening to head how, once again, vegetables are to be grown in St Bart’s garden. Not only is it an achievement to ‘grown your own’, but they also seem to taste better.

With the present financial dilemma we and many other countries are facing, doing more for ourselves (and each other) should ‘hopefully’ save us money.

Sharing is something we could also do. Sometimes I have seen very good bargains in the supermarkets, where buying large quantities of food, saves quite a sum of money. Unfortunately, not many of us feel able to buy so much at a time;

a) it may cost too much to start with.

b) the goods will probably be past their ‘sell by date’ before we have had time to eat them.

However, that very word ‘sharing’ could solve this problem.

If a few of us from church got together to sort out how to take advantage of such bargains, we could then all benefit from the special offers.

For example a bowl of eight bananas cost only £1 in our local market. If four people shared this bargain, it would only cost 25p for their two bananas and they would have time to eat them before they had ‘gorn orf’, or bio-degraded if you prefer. What do you think?