12th December News

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Sunday 12th December 2010

Themes of Advent

The themes of advent, Peace, Hope, Joy and Love are indeed just as challenging and radical as the person whose coming the season heralds. Please have a look at some of the Readings again.

First Sunday of Advent : Swords into Plowshares   (Peace)

Isaiah 2:1–5;  Matthew 24:36–44/24:43–51

Second Sunday of Advent: A Child Shall Lead (Hope)

Isaiah 11:1–10; Matthew 3:1–12

Third Sunday of Advent Rejoice (Joy)

Isaiah 35:1–10; Matthew 11:2–11

Fourth Sunday of Advent: Emmanuel: God with Us (Love)

Isaiah 7:10–16; Matthew 1:18–25/2:


Radical because they go against the current; challenging because they are contrary to our natural instincts.  Look,  listen, feel the different moods around us, watch the news, or google for information  -  unemployment, fluctuating financial market, wars and killings, knife and gun hate crimes, wikileaks,  homelessness, poverty and destitution, re-possessed houses in our neighbourhoods, bourgeoning bills and debts, rising energy bills etc etc! That can’t be Peace, Hope, Joy, or Love!


And yet, the Good News is persistent: there is hope! This hope of new life of God’s Kingdom, which Jesus regained for all cannot be decimated.  Jesus invites all…Come to me! He now descends in the incarnation to uplift all to this newness! It is the overwhelming love of God…..the Amazing Grace of God that gained for us such a great Redeemer, Jesus, Our Emmanuel.  Compared to the eternal glory and joy which God has in store for us the grim experiences that blight our sight at the present time are just as transient as the thoughts that generate them.

JUST LOOK beyond and see OUR EMMANUEL.  Jesus comes to bring the change you have always prayed and waited for: he brings Peace, Hope, Joy and love. Advent is the time to prepare a place of welcome for the God-made-man in our hearts, in our lives, in our homes, in our communities!  Let our welcoming cries of anticipation and joyous expectation go beyond all barriers, horizons and divisions as we pray:

Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus!

                                                               Fr Fred