28th Nov Newsletter

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Sunday 28th November 2010


Advent – When God says  ‘Coming – ready or not!’

Every year I think that it’s a shame that Advent comes at such a busy time……After all, most of us are now in the throes of laying in enough food for a siege, sending cards to everyone we’ve ever known – and many we’ve forgotten – and looking for that elusive perfect gift for the man who has everything, it seems hard to have to remember one more thing.

So how can we get ready for the most important event since time began, at the same time as all the other stuff? Here’s a few ideas from my list:-

*An extra prayer never goes amiss, I find, but I need to remind myself to do it, so, whenever I drive past one of our many churches, I say a prayer for God’s people there.And another tiny prayer for the sender of every Christmas card that arrives.

*I make a point of reading something different, maybe an article in the paper that I would usually gloss over, and I ask myself where God is in that situation.(And if you’d like to reflect a bit with others,

why not come to an Advent Group on Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday evening?)

*And, perhaps most importantly, I try to have some time of quiet, among all the hubbub, in front of our little crib – important this bit, without the baby in it - and think of us all waiting for Jesus.

We know that our preparation to meet the King of Kings is the work of a lifetime, not just a month, and as Christians we know that we celebrate and decorate because of Christmas, rather than because they’re nice things to do.

So to put the preparation and the celebration together is to enhance them both.

Happy Advent!