24th July 2011 Newsletter

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Sunday 24th July 2011


A Special Day

 Today is one of those special days in the life of the parish when we all meet together for worship. I really look forward to our joint services. And not just because when we gather at St. Mary’s I, as a Barts’s Warden, don’t have anything to do!

I know some people have reservations about them (and may, therefore, not be reading this!).  We may find the services a bit disruptive to our normal routine: we have to remember to go somewhere else – or not – as the case may be. We will worship slightly differently, we may have to be on time as the Church will be crowded and we may find our favourite pew occupied, the service will be a bit longer and led by a different minister etc.

However I value and appreciate all the joint activities of the Parish, whether the outings, Study courses, Bible studies or our joint services. All of these are very useful opportunities of getting to know one another, learn from each other, share our thoughts and feelings and, yes, join in worship in slightly different ways – certainly in very different buildings.  And, of course, for our respective Patronal Festivals such as today, we have the opportunity of hearing a special guest preacher.

I feel we are immensely enriched by being in partnership don’t I think either congregation by itself could do such a wide range of activities as we are able to and that our spiritual lives would be much the poorer for it.