21st & 28th August Newsletter

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Sunday 21st & 28th August 2011

Lord have Mercy Again and Again

Henri Nouwen asserts, this prayer ‘Lord have mercy’, should never leave our lips. Not anxiously, but with confidence that God is very close to us, even when we feel attacked on all sides by seemingly irresistible forces, of waves that cover us and want to sweep us off our feet.  Such were the waves of fear and powerlessness that gripped our streets, neighbourhood and cities two weeks ago.

With eyes turned on God and trusting He will bring peace to our hearts, we say again and again Lord have Mercy.

Here is a poem by an African poet which sums up our hope.


As the dust settle,
Residents of the nation,
Ever blessed country
Comb the carnage, and 
Ransack the wreckage,
Picking up the pieces
Of their shredded lives,
And shattered dreams.
                          Once the land of honey/oil,                         
Now dried by greed.
Once a dear native land,
Now dogged by violence.
                       Where tribe and tongue                       
                         Though always differed,                       
Yet in brotherhood stood,
                    Now in hatred all severed.                   
                       Ashes of burnt houses,                      
                         Remnants of horror                             
But instead you find,

                              A people hopeful,                               
For  in their eyes,

I see their future.

                      These besieged cities,                     

Will rise again.

         And in this nation,        

                                   We will live again.  By Oliver Mbamara