4th September 2011 Newsletter

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Sunday 4th September 2011

A new leaf??

I love September! I love the bright days and the chilly mornings and evenings,
 the wonderful colours as the leaves begin to turn and,perhaps most of all,
 I love the feeling of a new start.

I know that January is officially our opportunity to start afresh but my resolutions are lost in a haze of Christmas paper and the January sales. September, perhaps because so much of my life has been regulated by schools, my own or my children's,feels much more like a new beginning  and holds the promise of all sorts of exciting things ahead. When we went back to school after the long holidays, the smart new uniform and the shiny pencil case were the outward signs of our renewed energy and our determination to do our best.

But then, every day, every moment, holds promise and, for us, the chance to try again to bring God's love, life and liberty into this world, to be the me God wants me to be and to be the Church God wants us to be too.I made a hash of it yesterday? Well here's another opportunity today. Try again and fail better.

We can afford to take the risk as we know that the whole company of heaven is cheering us on, and every time we try,God's heart is delighted.