25th March 2012 Newsletter

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Sunday 25th March 2012


It’s nearly over…

No – not That – even I am getting tired of talking about That – I mean Lent. Today is Passion Sunday, then we have Palm Sunday and then Easter itself. So our thoughts are, or should be, rising towards Easter.

I have been reading a book by Roy Strong on the “History of the English Country Church” and what comes across is how there used to be a strong rhythm to life: in farming, the seasons, the foods we ate, the things we did and in the worship of the Church’s year. We have lost a lot of this in our modern, global world. Only a few people farm now and, if we want strawberries, we can go to the supermarket and buy them at any time; we want a seaside holiday - we can fly off somewhere warm and sunny.

Some rhythms are left: the clocks changed today and the football season is getting to its climax: West Ham are, ahem, delicately poised. In the Church’s year we are heading to our climax of Easter but I admit I am struggling a bit to keep up. There is always a distraction; last year it was family illness, this year the busyness of the interregnum (That) and, next year, who knows?

The Lent course is a great help. At very least it is a focus to remind us of the fact of Lent but it actually does much more. But, by not making more of a conscious effort, at this time I think I miss out – must try harder!