16th October 2011 Newsletter

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Sunday 16th October 2011


Stewardship Sunday

People tend to think Stewardship Sunday is just about money. Certainly today raising money for the church is a part of our focus.

Hopefully our ideas around stewardship are wider than just the financial. 

We communicate our faith with every gift we have been given. Stewardship is how we use all the talents of our congregation.

I found this rather good poem which explores those ideas:

If you wish to weep
we give you space
until you wish to share the tears

If you are burdened
tell us of your troubles

If you have sins to confess
find here forgiveness

If you need silence
peace is offered

If you seek truth
there are ways

If love
we are united in the Lover

If you want to sing
we will accompany you

If you are laughing
we would like to hear the joke

If you are celebrating
please tell us your good news

Join us
We have stories also

God is within
                     and all around