13th November 2011 Newsletter

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Sunday 13th November 2011


Remembrance 2011

Our annual Remembrance Day service is a time to pause and give thanks for those who have lost their

lives in wars down the years whether military or civilian. We also remember those who are presently serving in

our armed services overseas today. Each of us will have our own remembrances on this day.


My thoughts turn today to my Grandfather’s experience of war. He told his grandchildren stories of

his time in the trenches during the First World War. Stories of comradeship and hardship.


Few of us, thankfully, have little direct experience of war.

Yet we can remember those who have suffered through the wearing of a poppy.

So it seemed strange that FIFA should initially ban the English football team from wearing a poppy on their football shirt.

It is good they finally changed their mind because the poppy is not a political symbol or religious symbol.

It a sign of our collective gratitude to those who have died through war down the centuries.