20th November 2011 Newsletter

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St Mary Magdalene  †       St Bartholomew †       St Alban  †


Sunday 20th November 2011


The Good Shepherd, The King of Love, The Servant King!

It is the end of the Church’s year  (Liturgical Year). The last Sunday of the Liturgical Year, the last Sunday After Pentecost is usually celebrated the Feast or solemnity of Christ the King. . The Christian year takes us through the life of Jesus ... beginning with Advent                       preparation; Christmas to Easter to Ascension to  Pentecost. It ends with the invitation to the vision of Christ returning and sitting on his throne in heavenly glory, as universal King and judge. The feast of Christ the King is a relatively young feast, introduced in the Roman Catholic in 1925 by Pope Pius XI.  It is now celebrated by many Christian denominations including some Anglican Churches. The birth of this feast  was a spiritual response to the social traumas that plagued world at the times: The First World War had just come to an end. Secularism and godlessness were on the rise and dangerous dictatorships were emerging in Europe and across the globe. The world needed a new leader, a new moral compass. Christ  is the  Good Shepherd, our Shepherd par excellence.


The model of Christ’s kingship is quite unusual and unique............

The Eternal King; the Head of the Church; the Judge; the Good Shepherd; the King of Love; the Servant King.........Christ is all of these.

And he invites us to his kingdom!

Our times might not be as different from the days of Pope Pius XI as we would have wished. With our experience of  World War II, The Holocaust, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, and Middle East, and the many fatal shootings and stabbings in our own towns, cities and communities,  we might consider re-visiting the spiritual, social and ecclesial aims and themes of the Feast of Christ the Universal King.

We might even decide to enthrone Christ in our hearts, our homes, our families, our communities

and Crown Him.....Crown Him......Crown Him Lord of All!     

                                                                  Fr Fred