27th November 2011 Newsletter

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Sunday 27th November 2011


The mills of the CofE  may grind slow…..

 I have often  been asked “do we have a new minister yet ?” or, even, “how is Barts’ new vicar ?” – somebody knows more than we do!

The process has been moving slower than either we or the Diocese would have liked, but things will start to happen in the New Year

and we need to be ready.

The  Review process, which is looking at Ministry in the East Ham area with, I think its fair to say, a view to increasing co-operation between ourselves and at least three adjacent parishes, is nearly done.  Our clergy and wardens have spoken to the review team and John and I met with Andy Windross to give him our thoughts. I don’t think we told them anything they hadn’t heard before!

Andy assured us the review will be done before Christmas, so we should soon know what is being suggested. (Then we will see whether the mills of the CofE also grind exceeding small !). Any proposals will then be discussed openly and have to be agreed by all parties.

As part of this process, and for preparing our parish profile (where we advertise ourselves to possible new ministers !), we are holding an open meeting for all members of our parish and our wider community. This will be after church (about 11.45) on Sunday January 15th at

St. Barts and will consider our vision for ministry at St. Barts and in the parish. It will be led by Rev. Chris McDermott who is a good friend to the parish and who has considerable experience in facilitating such meetings. We hope that as many of you as possible will be coming; this is very much your opportunity to have your say in what should be our vision for the future.

See you on the 15th!