11th December 2011 Newsletter

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Sunday 11th December 2011

The answers to the important questions of our time!

Question: What do Clergy discuss on a Tuesday morning? Matters of life and death.

Answer: No, On which Sunday the pink candle should be lit on the advent wreath?

Now you know that your priests are at the cutting edge of theological discussion. Yet it does give me an excuse to explain the traditional meanings of the candles of the Advent Wreath.

The colour purple represents the repentance of the season. The pink symbolizes joy and is lit on the third Sunday of Advent. The central candle is white and not lit until Christmas day.

The First Candle (The Candle of Prophecy)

The first candle is sometimes called the candle of prophecy because it symbolizes the promises the prophets; promises that foretold Christ’s birth.

The Second Candle (The Candle of the Way)

The second candle shows that Christ is the Way. Christ is the Light sent into the world to show them the way out of darkness.

The Third Candle (The Candle of Joy)

The third candle indicates that the only lasting Joy to be found in life on earth is through Christ.

The Fourth Candle (The Candle of Peace)

The fourth candle reminds that Jesus comes to bring Peace.

The Fifth Candle (The Christ Candle or Christmas Candle)

The fifth candle represents Christ himself born this day.

                                            Now you know!                          Quintin