18th December 2011 Newsletter

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Sunday 18th December 2011


More questions from clergy staff meetings…….

Q56 Do you ever get to a stage in Advent where you think ‘If I hear  ‘Away in a manger’ once more, I shall scream and run away’?

A When you reach that point, it’s time for a large sherry and a mince pie or three. You’ll soon feel better and ready for the next Carol Service.


Q 41 a) Is a knee-length cassock ever appropriate? and

b) When will a culottes cassocks be available?

A What are you talking about! Never, and never!!


Q92 If animals go to Heaven, will my dogs have to be kept on leads?

A Only God knows the answer to that one. Perhaps there are Heavenly kennels.


Q23. Do you think that the BBC2 tv programme called ‘Rev’ is an

accurate account of ministry in the inner city?

A (i) Of course not - any cleric seeing the Archdeacon that frequently would be just about to become the object of  national scandal which might cost the church lots of cash.

(ii) And any cleric who always went out in his cassock would make sure that it fitted much better than the Rev’s – and it would almost certainly have shoulder pads and at least three pleats across the back.

(iii) But, the biggest mistake is that the Rev on tv has no really nice, wise, kind people in his congregation - so it can’t be true.


Q1 Does my bum look big in this?

Even God doesn’t know the answer to that one because there is no right answer….

Merry Christmas!!