The Rector and St Bart’s

Written by Brenda. Posted in The Rector and St Bart’s

The Rector and St Bart’s

Although responsible for the whole Parish we would expect the Rector to focus on the worship, nurture and pastoral care at St Bart’s.

So, for our Parish, we are looking for someone who will:

  • Consolidate and lead the integration of the Ministry team across the 3 Churches to form a strategy for working together with our varied human resources in Mission and Ministry, while respecting the worship traditions of each of the Churches.

  • Be committed to inner-city ministry with all its joys and pains and be willing to work with and care for all the facets of our diverse congregations.

  • Actively encourage and nurture participation in worship and other aspects of church life by the laity and lead us in developing worship which is meaningful, relevant and engaging for the cultures and ages represented in our Churches and the local community.

  • Inspire people into faith, nurture new disciples and sustain those already on the journey.

  • Celebrate and develop the ministry of St Bart’s Church Centre and Cafe and help develop greater transparency between the work of the Centre and the Church.

  • Support the growing ministry to our children and develop activities with our youth.

  • Maintain the close link we have with the E6 churches through the Leaders meetings and, particularly, the close cooperation we have with our Methodist neighbours.

  • Have overall responsibility for the smooth-running of the Parish Office and associated administrative activities.