Newham Deanery

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Situated just three miles from the centre of London and home to the 2012 Olympic Games Newham is a diverse and vibrant community. A product of the Borough's astounding diversity is the bewildering array of authentic ethnic restaurants and shops from which to choose. You could easily eat out each night for a fortnight without the need to eat in the same type of restaurant twice. Newham is a well connected Borough. There is easy access to the centre of London by road, rail and tube. It is easy to travel around the Borough by public transport and bike. Newham is not just a concrete and brick jungle, with Wanstead Flats to the north and the Royal Docks to the south, there are many open spaces to explore.

Revd Canon Dave Wade is Area Dean of Newham. There is a Dean Team who meet regularly and work collaboratively in seeking to serve the local parishes. This Dean Team comprises of two Assistant Deans, the Revd Pat Mossop and Revd Dr Chigor Chike and our Lay Chair, Shirley Biro. We seek to support and encourage all new members of Chapter and are around with a listening ear, or a helping hand, when needed. We are a diverse Deanery with Churches from most traditions within the Anglican fold. However, we all try to get on with each other as we live out the Gospel in our different ways.

Newham is a place of great faith with natural opportunities for interfaith engagement and working. Whilst Christians are in the minority those who hold a Christian Faith do tend to take it seriously. We have 24 Anglican Churches and 37 members of our Chapter at present. We have two Team Ministries and one Group Ministry. We have some very large black majority churches in Newham, the largest of which is, ‘Glory House’. We have good local ecumenical relationships and there is an ecumenical cross church Organisation called, ‘Transform Newham’, which works with many churches across the Borough. We also have Christian organisations which seek to serve the needs of our Borough in different ways and these include, ‘The Renewal Programme’, and ‘Aston Mansfield Charities’.

As a Dean Team we have been encouraged by the Bishop of Barking in our desire to ensure that allclergy appointed within the Deanery have a desire to work collaboratively within the Deanery. There are  opportunities for the East Ham Team to work with neighbouring parishes and to build networks further afield. The Area Dean is committed to supporting the new Priest-in-Charge | Rector Designate is working with surrounding parishes in the first two years in order to establish what wil lbe the most effective model for Mission and Ministry going forward. It is the firm view of the Deanery that working collaboratively should be both a way blessing and being blessed. This fits well with +Stephen’s initiative for all clergy under licence to be offering an agreed ‘beyond the parish ministry’ for one day a week.

Newham is a place of great need and huge opportunity. A former Bishop of Barking used to say, ‘The problem with Newham is, I can’t get clergy to go there, but once they have arrived I can never get them to leave.’ We are a Chapter that has great experience of Newham between us. We seek to faithfully serve, come alongside and share the Good News with its various communities in our different ways. We look forward to working with the next new person appointed and trust you will look forward to working with us.

Revd Canon Dave Wade - Area Dean of Newham.