Newham Deanery 2015

Written by Brenda. Posted in pp_NewhamDeanery

Rev. Jeremy Fraser, Area Dean

This is a place of amazing contrasts, we have the most young people, the most people who go to church, the most people with faith (i.e. other faiths) the fewest atheists (out of 310,000 we have 77) perhaps unsurprisingly.

Newham has been the first point for many immigrating communities and they swell our pews. So our faith has to be culturally diverse and open. There is unemployment, but you are more likely to find poverty in work (short hours or poor pay), housing and health issues.

Following the Olympics the area is changing and accommodation is hard to find and expensive. Locally the moving of the football club and the new housing being built elsewhere are factors. The local shopping is vibrant but the high street names and the affluent money go elsewhere.

The really exciting thing is that the parish is ready to change. They have had a two year interim rector and they are now ready for a person inspired by the Holy Spirit to direct them prayerfully onto their next chapter.

The deanery itself is large but works together well, the clergy support each other in good times and bad. We meet up as a chapter and I, as the Dean, would help you settle in.

Newham is not a place for timeservers or those feeling drained: it is the place for vibrant faith and ambition. God is moving here in a mighty way, come and be part of it.