• Baptism at St Edmunds
  • Baptism at St Edmunds 01
  • HOSPITALITY is at the heart of our parish cafe at Bart's Centre
  • Baptism at St Edmunds

  • Baptism at St Edmunds

  • HOSPITALITY is at the heart of our parish cafe at Bart's Centre

  • Children from our Church of South Inda Congregation

  • Our Archdeacon Elwin and Bishop Peter, who became Bishop of Barking in 2014

  • Marion's ordination at Chelmsford Cathedral by Bishop Stephen

  • Bishop Alastair Redfern preaching at St. Mary Magdalene on Ascension Day 2014

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  • Remembrance ceremony at St. Mary's

  • Rob Marshall meets with his predecessor Bishop Stephen Lowe on the 30th anniversary of St Bart's

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1st September 2013 Newsletter

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Sunday1st September2013


     The more things change the more they stay the same.


         Well, it’s September.  The summer is about over and (most) of us are back from our hols. and thinking about the things ahead. Last week Shirley and I spent a couple of days at the Greenbelt Christian Festival  and, as usual, there was a very strong emphasis on the practical out-workings of our faith and our responsibilities within the Community, something we will thinking a lot about over the next few months.

         This time last year I wrote of the challenges facing the Parish as we sought a new Rector. This year I find myself returning to the same theme but in a very different context. We are thinking very much of the need to re-develop Bart’s Centre to accommodate a much-enlarged Doctors’ Surgery and the physical and structural changes involved. It might necessitate a complete re-design of the Centre: losing our present Coffee Bar and bringing the kitchen area, off the main Hall, into more use.  This would cost serious money and the Parish is taking professional advice on how to proceed with this and, in a more general sense, how to secure our finances and bring our systems up-to-date.

         On the more human side we have seen a number of long-time members of the congregation leave or about to leave, and are having to find people who can do the jobs they have been doing. Meanwhile, others have joined us and we need to welcome but not overwhelm them.

         Personally, I am SO grateful that we didn’t have to face these issues last year but God has answered our prayers and we have strong leadership with a strong team at Barts and in the Parish and we are excited and awed by the new set of challenges and opportunities we face. It will be an interesting year – pray for the parish.



St Bart’s: Celebrant & Preacher: Revd Chris McDermott

St Mary’s: Celebrant & Preacher: Revd Quintin Peppiatt

In Our Prayers
Our Mission: +Stephen and +David our bishops, our clergy and our mission to

East Ham; Worshipping Communities who share our buildings;

Clergy & Lay Ministers: Rob, Quintin, Ann, Fred, Jide, Shirley & John;

Staff: Brenda, Chrissie, Bill, May, June, Win, Mary, Sue & Rebecca;

Churchwardens: Andrew, Damian, Laurine, John, Philip & Ajith.


The sick and suffering: Les Page, Clarice, Win Jones, Maude Smith,

 Martin & Yvonne Gammon, Geneva Grimes, Louise Simmonds, Alice Singh

& Doris Goodchild.


Preparing for Confirmation:     Somachi Junior Onuoha & Lee Carlos

Those who have died: Donates Onuoha & Gwendoline Watson.

 May they rest in peace and rise in glory

Readings for 1st September 2013

St Mary’s:  Jeremiah 2: 4-13

St Bart’s: Ecc’us 10:12-18    Heb 13: 1-8,15-16   Luke 14: 1, 7-end

Readings for 8th September 2013   

St Mary’s:   Isaiah 61: 10-end    Galatians 4: 4-7  

St Bart’s: Deuteronomy 30: 15-20      Philemon  1-21      Luke 14: 25-33

St Mary’s Birthday’s                   HAPPY BIRTHDAY to

Egbert Scott & Robert Dungey

Today at St Mary’s we welcome for baptism Niah.

Please pray for her, her family, Godparents & friends.

Thanks to everyone in the Parish of East Ham for your messages of condolence and to those who represented the Parish at my mother’s funeral.    Jide

If you normally do the Intercessions at St Bart’s

could you please add your name to the rota.

At St Bart’s we have yellow cards available to fill in for newcomers

& those whose details have changed.

 Please complete and give to Jide

St Mary’s DCC Wednesday 11th September

7.30pm in the Parish Room.


If you need to speak with Rob or Jide please make an appointment

 via the Parish Office for either of the following dates:–

12th or 19th September 5.30 – 7.00pm.  Time limit of 30 mins.

Me and My Music.

The second of our series of dinner, chat and music is now booked for

 Thursday 26th September at 7.00pm in Bart’s Café.

Cost £6 – book now in the Parish Office

Our special guest is Maciek Grabowski who is responsible for the social activities at Manor Farm Care Home.


Good news! The Bible Study group returns but with an option of either an afternoon or evening session this Autumn

 as we focus on St Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians.

The opening session is on either Monday 9th September (2.30pm)

 in church led by the Revd Jide Macaulay

or on Tuesday 24th September at the home of Mary Richards

[details available from the Parish Office]

led by the Revd Rob Marshall.

A little bit of history…


Many of you will know that earlier this year, Audrey Honey, moved into a care home in Collier Row and this week her home in Whitehorse Road was sold. This was an important and emotional event for Audrey and her grown up children because the house had been the family home since 1926.

During the 1920s, East Ham was still transforming from a semi-rural area into the dormitory suburb we know today, and housing development was big business. Harold Honey, Audrey’s late husband, purchased the house new for £600, (with a deposit of £50!) and lived there with his first wife and family, while also running his painting and decorating business from the premises.


Audrey met Harold during the war and moved into the house in 1949, where together they had four children. The family started worshipping at St Bart’s in 1961 and Audrey has been a faithful member of our church ever since.

There is probably no other house in East Ham that has been in the same family for 87 years and which has experienced such a rich slice of 20th  century social history. Giving it up, after 64 years of family life there, was not easy for Audrey but as she says, “I have so many happy memories and no one can take those away from me”.



There will be a planning meeting for the Parish Fair on Sunday 8th September at St Bart’s after the service. Please all come along.

Our next Little Sing will be on Wednesday 11 September 2.00 - 3.00

around the piano at St Bart's.  All welcome



Saturday 28th September 2013

Led by Canon Edward Carter entitled ‘A rule of life for Newham’

Meet at St Mary’s Church Hall 9.30am.

No charge but a small donation welcome on the day.

Please bring a packed lunch.

Please sign up on the sheets at the back of both Churches.


A day to study the Gospel of Matthew at St Bart’s, East Ham on THURSDAY 19th September 10.30am – 4.00pm


What is distinctive at Matthew’s message?

What do the infancy narratives in Matthew tell us about his purpose?

Is the Kingdom of Heaven the Kingdom of God?

What do the parables of Matthew reveal about Jesus.


Led by Revd Christopher Owens and Revd Rob Marshall.

Day fee is £6 including lunch.


Book now: East Ham Team Office, 292b Barking Road, E6 3BA

Telephone: 020 8470 0011

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Midweek Services

St Mary Magdalene 6.30pm Wednesday and

St Bart’s 1230 Thursday.

In addition Morning Prayer is said at St Bart’s at 9am on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and at St Mary Magdalene on Tuesdays and Fridays. Evening Prayer is currently said at Bart’s at 5pm Monday-Thursday.

The Parish Office is open Monday – Friday 9.30am – 3.30pm

   Telephone 020 8470 0011   

    email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

  Website:  www.easthamparish.org.uk  

  twitter @easthamteam. 

  Registered Charity No: 1127847