2nd October 2011 Newsletter

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Sunday 2nd October 2011


God’s Call to Faith


“Out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery”

Calling out of Egypt has become figurative in Biblical and theological genre symbolizing God’s call to humans and to an estranged universe to return, to come back home.

This genre also has some very important Christological implications and therefore set some fundamental guidelines for our faith.


The first call, the OLD call, from God to His son to come out of Egypt is recorded in the Book of the Prophet Hosea: 11:1:

‘Out of Egypt I have called my son’  (Hosea: 11:1)

That son was Israel. The Israelites were the sons of God in this old call. But they were ungrateful, rejected God’s tender love, and became worshipers of pagan idols. They served the Baalim and other graven images instead of the true God. In short, there was imperfection in this old call out of Egypt.


The second and NEW call from God to His Son out of Egypt was addressed to Jesus as recorded in the Gospels (Matthew 2:15).

Jesus was called out of Egypt, and was perfect in His obedience towards God.

In Jesus and by Jesus this call is addressed to you and to me. Hence by and through Jesus this History is perfected. The narrative has been transformed from History into Prophecy, not simply a predictive prophecy but a fully realized, actualized, and adequately fulfilled prophecy.


It is the same call we receive today, individually and collectively as people of faith. What is the nature and quality of your response?