29th May 2011 Newsletter

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Sunday 29th May 2011


Trusting God’s Voice

 Sometimes we may realise that God is moving us to some greater hiddenness or to an unknown place.  The initial reaction to this invitation can be fear, or running away from the self, as one is more familiar with the loud voices that calls us to action and worry about worldly cares that dominate our lives.

In the midst of this life of combat, of noise of the mind involved in the things of the world, every now and then we may discover that God’s voice is saying, ‘Be still and trust that your life will be fruitful even in the hiddenness, even in that unknown place’.  Trusting this inner voice is not easy, because it is stifled with self doubt, insecurity and the need for affirmation and God’s voice becomes harder to hear.

It helps to find a safe space, go on a retreat or holiday, or spend sometime with trustful friends, to let that inner voice become clearer and louder over and above all the cares of the world.  Taking time out, being still to attend to this inner voice will affirm the truth from God.  The truth of inner peace and joy in the Lord, the peace of God, that is beyond understanding, reasoning and logic.

If for some reason or another we are unable to find that safe space, our visit to church on Sundays can be the space to leave wandering thoughts behind and focus on the Lord.  In church we may find ourselves in a privilege position in listening, being attentive and helping others stay faithful to that inner voice of God. The call in beckoning them to that greater hiddeness or to an unknown and unfamiliar place is the peace of God which directs and governs us.

…’And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you are called in the one body.  And be thankful’. Col 3:15.