15th January 2012 Newsletter

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Sunday 15th January 2012

God’s Call to You Us

What do you say when God calls on you?  How do you know God is calling you?  How do you know this voice comes from God?

How do you know what God is calling you to do?

The above partially describes the confusion Samuel faced and indeed the confusion many Christians find themselves in as they try to respond to their faith.

To be created is to be called by God. We are called in love to participate in God’s creative power and in the immense and infinite opportunities this entails.

Discernment — ie fine-tuning-in and listening to God’s call, prayerfully reflecting on that call, clarifying what that call is, and responding to what you feel and hear is a daily and an ongoing task. For Abraham, openness to God’s call was unconditional.

The “motto” of the Secondary School I went to as a teenager was in Latin:

Domine ad sum” ……..which translates: “Here I am Lord”.

Like Samuel “Here I am, Lord” is our frail response to the call we hear/feel coming to us. The “Domine ad sum” has to be repeated everyday and allowed to echo and permeate all we do.

Think of the words in this old Baptist hymn:

Hark the voice of Jesus calling………..

If you cannot speak like angels, If you cannot preach like Paul,

You can tell the love of Jesus; You can say he died for all.

It is also good to remember that whenever God  calls, and this call is responded to, unconditionally and in truthfulness, God in turn reveals himself to the respondent and says: “Here I am”.

                             Fr Fred